Construction Safety Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Whether made of steel or reflective aluminum, construction safety signs play an important role in protecting worker safety. The legal need for such warnings also facilitates the relief of liability on the part of a construction contractor should an unexpected injury occur. While the purpose of such signs is clear, what may not be as clear is the means and process by which such signs are manufactured and designed. This is where the science of the sign supplier comes in.

Construction Safety Signs: Manufacturing Peace of Mind

The construction safety signs manufacturing industry has become quite a lucrative one in the United States and all over the world. Over the years, the process of creating such signs has developed into an extremely well researched field. From the way in which the signs themselves are manufactured to the very psychology behind their appearance, the process of creating construction safety signs has been boiled down to a science.

International Concerns

Today, the average construction project can have a large number of people working on it from very diverse backgrounds. There is often no guarantee that everyone on a construction site will even be speaking the same language. Because of this, construction signs have to get the message across in as universal a way as possible.

Over the years, the use of symbols and simple images has supplemented the use of written words in order to indicate dangers and hazards. A picture of flames indicating that a substance is flammable gets the point across much more effectively than the word "flammable." There are also other, more abstract symbols that have come to mean something important. We've pretty much all come to recognize the symbol for hazardous materials or radioactive substances, for example.

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