Construction Site Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Construction site signs are crucial in protecting the safety of everyone surrounding a construction effort. For the public, construction site signs provide a means of warning passersby to be careful around the heavy equipment and debris that may be around. These signs provide a similar service for the workers themselves, serving as a warning or reminder of what areas around which they need to stay away or be cautious.

Construction Site Signs: A Valuable Service

When reflectivity isn't an issue, construction site signs are comprised of 18 gauge steel and sprayed with a polyester powder coated paint. This paint is baked on to provide maximum life and durability. These types of signs are best for the ones that the construction workers themselves need on site. With all the dust, rocks, and other debris being sprayed and thrown about, it's important that warning signs be durable.

Reflective aluminum is used for the construction signs that the public will be seeing. For these signs, durability is less of an issue. It's more important that these signs be seen from a distance by motorists and pedestrians, especially at night. Because visibility is so important, these kinds of signs are less prone to fading and scratching than their steel brethren. They also will not be exposed to the same harsh conditions, expanding their life span beyond their steel counterparts.

Good sign suppliers will have a wide variety of signs and sign mounting supplies available for any construction effort. Many suppliers will also create custom signs for any unique situation which may warrant it. Superior quality diamond grade sign products are even available from some sign suppliers for maximum visibility and durability.

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