Electronic Display Signs

Written by Ivan Gale
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Electronic display signs are usually made out of LED technology, which stands for light-emitting diodes. These signs are a great way to display important information instantly to a large group of people. For this reason these electronic display signs are now very popular in the worlds of commerce, government, and even non-profit organizations.

Electronic Display Signs Are Ubiquitous

The seeming ubiquity of these electronic display signs is a testament to their popularity. Grand, towering signs can be seen in London, New York, and Tokyo, but they are also popping up in more unlikely places as well. Churches, long believed to be the last bastion of old-fashionedness, have also embraced this technology

Some churches are employing overhead chorus displays to help lead worshippers in song. With these so-called overhead computerized chorus displays, clergy can upload songs and display them in whichever order is desired for the service. Who would have thought!

These church-oriented electronic display signs might typically be made up of four lines of text, each with 40 characters per line. As in all cases, several models are offered. Mostly, though, the differences are in the character height, LED intensity, and dimming capability. With all these choices between equally impressive models, many churches end up asking for a little divine intervention.

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