Electronic Displays - Signs And Boards

Written by Ivan Gale
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Electronic displays are becoming a very popular way for companies, groups, and governments to transmit information quickly and efficiently to large groups of people. The allure of these displays seems to be catching on around the world with each passing day. The good news is that there are literally thousands of different styles, models, and features that allow any group, large or small, to customize their electronic signs.

Electronic Displays Illuminate the World's Great Cities

The most stunning electronic displays can be found in the great metropolitan cities of the world. London, New York, and Japan all have massive electronic displays that create dramatic backdrops to the hustle and bustles of these cosmopolitan cities. The Reuters building in London, for example, has an electronic sign that displays characters more than six feet in height, with the total length measuring some 100 feet.

LED Technology

Electronic displays are often made out of LED technology. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and this technology is one of the most advanced ways to display information today. The basic idea behind LEDs is that they are very efficient and do not waste any electricity in their production of visible light.

Most of the energy in LEDs is converted to light in the visible spectrum. Older and more conventional technology, by contrast, burns off some heat that does not produce any light. One example of this would be incandescent lamps, which burn off most of their energy in the infrared part of the spectrum.

LEDs also offer very good color resolution, and do not pose a risk of getting shocked unlike other sources of light. Much of the benefits of LEDs lie in the fact they produce "cold light," which is significantly different from other lighting technology. Thus LED technology is fast-becoming the most popular form of displaying information for the lowest operation costs.

Electronic Displays Need to Be Weather Resistant

Many electronic displays are erected outdoors and in the full thrust of the elements. For this reason, electronic displays need to be much more than just bright and energy-efficient. They also need to be able to withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at them. Thankfully, modern technology is answering on this front with many tough and durable designs.

In general, these displays have a working life of 10 years. To ensure your signs last as long as possible, make sure to give them the best care and maintenance as recommended by their manufacturer. Hooded displays are another way to protect your sign from the sun's harmful glare.

There are many great manufacturers of electronic displays on the world marketplace. Now that the world is truly interconnected by global commerce, it is possible to receive the best products for your business, no matter where they were produced. Whether the top maker is in the same city or halfway around the world, exciting new innovations in electronic displays are making it worthwhile to work with the best.

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