Electronic Information Displays

Written by Ivan Gale
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Electronic information displays have always been popular with outdoor events. Sporting events, in particular, lend themselves to employing top of the line technology. For sports-related message boards it is important to both present easy to read information to thousands of viewers, while at the same time using a technology that is highly efficient.

Electronic Information Displays Are Energy-Efficient

Electronic information displays use LED technology, which stands for light-emitting diodes. This is a cold light, and very different from conventional types of lighting. While incandescent lights emit heat as a byproduct and thus waste energy in the process, LEDs do not. They put all their energy into creating light.

As a result, small devices can put out a mighty wallop of light. From simple home/away scoreboards to monstrous signs used for football, soccer, or horseracing, electronic information displays have proved they can do the job and do it well. Other sports where pre-designed scoreboards using LED technology can be ordered include rugby, cricket, basketball, waterpolo, track and field, and weightlifting.

As the screens do not reflect light, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sporting events. Even video capabilities are possible with some of the bigger outdoor LED signs. For promoters of annual sporting events that do not want to actually purchase a sign, there are options. It is also possible to rent some of these signs direct from the manufacturer.

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