Graphical Led Displays

Written by Ivan Gale
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Graphical LED displays employ a state of the art technology to broadcast high-resolution graphics and video. Nearly any type of data feed can be connected to these displays. For this reason, you will see these impressive electronic signs towering over the streets of the world's great cosmopolitan cities.

Graphical LED Displays Come in Many Shapes

While some of the bigger displays feature characters over six feet tall and whose length measures over 100 feet tall, there are smaller sizes to fit any budget. These displays come in one, two, or multiple-line displays. They also come in variable colors, and the most common include red, green, yellow, or a tri-color version of all three.

Graphical LED displays also come in blue and white. Interestingly though, white has proved the most difficult color to produce under LED technology. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and is considered the most efficient form of lighting today. . They don't get hot when in use, which is why they are called a "cold-light technology."

LEDs don't burn off heat as a wasted byproduct like incandescent lighting. Instead, graphical LED displays convert all the energy they use in electricity into light. It thus comes as no surprise to see LED lighting supplant other more conventional forms of lighting in some of the world's most impressive outdoor signs.

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