Hospital Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Hospital signs save lives. The nature of the emergency care profession requires that it be very clear to anyone visiting a hospital where to go or what to avoid during certain situations. In order to fully grasp the effectiveness of hospital guide signs, it's important to take a look at the various situations in which such warning signs must occur.

Hospital Signs: Preparing for Emergencies

One of the most effective uses for hospital signs is in ambulance or other emergency vehicle parking zones. When an ambulance arrives at a hospital, it must be allowed access to the patient loading areas that are closest to the E.R. If some non-emergency vehicle is parked there, it could cost lives. This is why such areas are very clearly marked with the proper signs, and why it's so important not to park in those areas, even just to drop someone off.

Hospital signs also serve to direct patients, doctors, and people going to visit or pick up injured loved ones. Some hospitals are very large complexes, and it is not often clear where certain areas are located. With the right signs in place, people can more easily find where they need to go.

Beware of Hazards

Hospitals also deal with chemicals, drugs, and hazardous wastes on a daily basis. As such, the proper warning signs must be posted to alert people as to where these materials are stored or disposed of. Accidentally reaching into a container and getting a finger poked by a dirty or infected needle could be fatal if that container is not properly marked with a hazardous material warning symbol.

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