Led Scoreboards

Written by Ivan Gale
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LED scoreboards can be adapted to serve nearly every type of sporting event. This high-tech lighting system is both energy-efficient and able to produce a very bright light, which is why LED lighting is becoming the technology of choice for high schools and universities in North America and Europe. Some scoreboard makers catering to the sports industry have already created a number of scoreboards for several sports.

LED Scoreboards Cater to Many Sporting Venues

LED scoreboards are available for football, soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, waterpolo, track and field, and weightlifting competitions. LED scoreboards are also popular with horseracing stadiums, where racing fans are usually spread out. These large monitors are very successful in drawing in spectators from around the stadium to see the results.

Some monitors also witness video playback, where fans can see the instant replay on a particularly dramatic play. For some of the more obscure sports, these display manufacturers will also custom-build a display as well. Also, for promoters of once-a-year events who do not wish to purchase a sign on their own, display makers also rent out their signs.

With the programming options integrated into these display systems, operators have the power to control the display at all times. Modifications to the display can be entered instantly for dramatic results. The technology has also married into the wireless networking field. Display operators can now control their electronic message boards through modems, some cell phones, and even pagers.

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