Library Road Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Library road signs provide a publicly mandated service. Like national parks, museums, and other publicly regulated facilities, so too does the library fall into this category. For this reason, library road signs are posted along freeways and streets to help people find particular libraries more easily.

Library Road Signs: Educational Landmarks

Library road signs don't only direct traffic to the kind of libraries that contain books. Historical landmarks, like presidential libraries are also indicated with such traffic signs. Many people throughout the country journey to such libraries to learn more about their favorite president in the city in which he was born. For these people, it's important to know where to go.

Roadside Snowflakes

Unlike other traffic signs where the same standardized message can be mass produced, every library road sign is unique. Libraries are most often named after a founder or some other important figure, and each library name reflects this. For this reason, the need for library sign suppliers to be able to manufacture custom made signs is essential. Sufficient surveying and research also needs to be performed where such a sign will be placed so that the information it will convey is accurate.

Fans and patrons of historical and any other type of libraries benefit from the use of road signs indicating how close they are to their destination. Like with any sign, it's important that these type of milestones be clearly distinguishable from other road direction signs. Visibility is also important. Reflective aluminum and identifiable colors go into the creation of historical landmark signs such as those used to direct people to libraries.

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