No Parking Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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No parking signs are the bane of any driver's existence. There's nothing more annoying than trying to park only to find some sign saying that you can't park there for whatever stupid reason. It's also a hassle to have to move a car on certain days during certain hours for street sweeping. Parking tickets are no fun either when you accidentally overlook a sign stating that parking isn't allowed there. Why are no parking signs necessary anyway?

No Parking Signs: Modern Bandages

The reason we need parking signs is because there are quite simply too many cars on the road today. In communities where there is less traffic, parking isn't a problem. In cities designed a long time ago, parking real estate is rare, valuable, and often hard to find. Some businesses even earn their livelihood by charging people for parking.

The need for no parking signs is to help alleviate this problem. Emergency vehicles must have a place to park when dealing with a problem. Street sweeping is necessary to keep our roads cleaner and safer. Narrow streets and residential areas also need to limit and prohibit public parking in order to allow room for passing cars or to give people living on a street a place to park.

Reserved and handicapped parking restrictions are also necessary for owners of private businesses, store patrons, and people who have trouble with personal mobility. We may find signs which prohibit parking to be annoying, but the sad truth of the matter is that they are necessary. There are too many people, too many cars, and not enough room on our crowded streets for everyone.

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