One Way Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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During the early years of the motor vehicle, traffic was confusing without one way signs. In many instances, they just didn't exist. If people set off across the country, or even across their state, they often got lost. If you think driving is aggravating now, just imagine driving in the early 1900s. Sure there was little to no traffic, but you had no idea where you were either, or how to get to where you were going.

One Way Signs of Success

Henry Ford came out with the Model T in 1908. While this was not the first automobile invented (even Da Vinci and Newton made sketches of driving machines), it is certainly the grand-daddy of the American roadway. Whether or not you drive a Ford, you owe your ability to drive in many ways to Henry Ford.

Regulatory signs like stop signs and one way signs mark significant improvements in road maneuvers. For the first time in history, many homes today have more cars than there are people to drive them. This makes roads congested. This congestion is the reason there's a deep need for regulating traffic.

Traffic Accidents Lessen with Good Signs

There are a lot of traffic accidents now. It's one of the top killers of Americans. There would be a lot more accidents without clear road signs such as one way signs. Without visible, standard regulations, collisions would be even more commonplace than they are now.

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