Outdoor Led Displays

Written by Ivan Gale
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Outdoor LED displays are a perfect match for many a business or organization that needs to disseminate late-breaking information to a large number of people. While some of the basic LED signs are relatively small and designed solely for indoor use, there are many examples of dramatic outdoor LED displays that command the attention of all who pass underneath.

Outdoor LED Displays Are Great for Advertising

Outdoor LED displays can be used as advertising billboards, especially for companies who want to give off an impression of being a smart and modern media company. The Reuters building opposite the Millennium Dome in London, for example, displayed characters taller than six feet in height. Its total length measured over 100 feet, making it one of the most impressive displays around.

Outdoor LED displays utilize LED lights, which stand for light-emitting diodes. This type of lighting is immensely more efficient and brighter than standard incandescent lighting. Fluorescent lamps give off heat as a wasted byproduct, while 0utdoor LED displays do not. In fact, they are considered a "cold light" technology.

These outdoor electronic signs are perfect for large or small sporting events as well. Many of the largest football or soccer stadiums around the world use this technology. However, LED manufacturers also produce a wide variety of simple home/away scoreboards as well. With literally thousands of different models to choose from, chances are you'll find a display that's perfect for your purposes.

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