Parking Lot Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Traffic accidents that occur in parking lots can be pricier than those on the streets. Parking lots are often private. Not only can municipal fines for damage be assessed, but civil action can also be taken. That is why it is important to have well-posted directional and regulatory parking lot signs.

Learn the Rules

Parking lot signs are especially important because every lot has different rules. Some lots have you park at an angle. Others have you park head-on. Some lots allow for two-way traffic on every aisle. Others only have room for one-way passes. No matter what the signs say or how many arrows are painted, somebody is always driving the wrong way.

Parking Lot Signs Heighten Awareness

Disobeying parking lot regulations is highly dangerous. People are in parking lots, generally, running errands. They're at the mall, or doctor's office, a restaurant or movie theater. They have their minds on other things. It's easy to get turned around. Many people drive the wrong way down parking lot aisles unintentionally.

Signs are crucial to keep people safe in parking lots. Parking lot signs direct patrons as to which direction they should drive, and how to move toward the exit. Signs need to be posted clearly and unobstructed by other signs, trees, or bushes. Though cars are supposed to move slowly in parking lots, serious accidents can occur.

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