Parking Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Parking signs are pretty much everywhere nowadays. No matter where we go, there is some sign indicating where it is legal to park, how long to park there, or on which days it is OK or not OK to park in that location. Such parking enforcement has become necessary in our overcrowded society, however. Without parking signs in certain locations, the streets would be even more cluttered than they are already.

Parking Signs: Making the Most out of a Bad Situation

Keep in mind the purpose of the average traffic engineer. The idea is to balance the space and budget needed in the construction of new structures with the need to make the most out of what is already there. Newer communities today are designed to be spread out in order to accommodate more traffic. The construction of public parking structures and lots also plays a big part in helping to facilitate greater amounts of traffic.

Cities built a long time ago are less equipped to handle the traffic they now must endure. As a result, parking signs are one way to give everyone a chance to park while still maintaining public safety. Street sweeping, fire zones, reserved parking, and streets that are too narrow to allow parking are all instances where strict parking regulations need to be enforced.

Personal Experience

Just the other day I received a parking ticket for parking in a zone that stated no parking was allowed in that area between certain hours. I saw a lot of other cars parked in this zone, and just assumed I misread the sign or that it was out of date. When I came back, my car had a ticket. The regulation was intended to give residents with permits a place to park.

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