Private Property Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Private property signs are handy tools. They are generally shorter and less apparent than average road signs. Private property signs are often mounted on wooden posts as opposed to steel U channel sign posts. The purpose of these signs is to not only protect privately owned property from trespassers, but legal liability on the part of property owners in the event someone should get injured on his or her land.

Private Property Signs Answer Questions

Since the establishment of property boundaries, which dates back to the beginning of civilization, private property signs have been important. How do you know where one property ends and another begins without signs? The answer is: you don't. Having such areas clearly marked is essential.

It's also useful to have signs to prevent inadvertent trespassers. Without a sign, passers by have no information about the status of land. Property signs aren't often thought of as problem-solvers, if they are even thought of at all, but we'd certainly have a lot of problems without them. Sometimes areas can be dangerous, and a private property sign serves as a warning to steer clear of these regions.

Accessible Information

County Assessors have all property information. This is available through the government office. When you're walking or driving around, however, you're unlikely to be able to access the facts. That's why it's helpful to have clearly marked, unobstructed signs staking the claim of property owners.

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