Programmable Electronic Signs

Written by Ivan Gale
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Programmable electronic signs have a variety of uses for the modern company or organization. Some of the larger corporations in the world have very flashy LED signs overhanging the busy streets of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. London, New York, and Tokyo all boast very impressive programmable electronic signs in this regard.

Programmable Electronic Signs Use Light-Emitting Diodes

LED technology stands for light-emitting diodes, which is a technology that transmits all energy into light, without any energy burned off into heat. For this reason, LED is considered a "cold light" technology. Programmable electronic signs are not only for the big companies, however. Small and mid-sized companies are also taking advantage of this technology to better inform both their workers and their customers.

Production floors are one prime example of using LED signs to their fullest potential. Programmable electronic signs can display anything from health and safety information, to weather readouts like temperature, humidity, and air quality, as well as production statistics and quotas. Or, they can just display some plain old encouragement.

In the office place, the capabilities are also numerous. Yearly figures, budget numbers versus actual comparisons, reminder messages, individual figures, and sales rankings are just a start. Whether it is to motivate, inform, and guide employees through their workdays, LED signs are starting to become a popular choice.

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