Regulatory Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Road regulatory signs are generally believed to have been invented by the Romans in 250 B. C. The Romans were excellent architects regarding buildings, bridges, and roads. As they built roads, they decided to build road signs as well. You have to admit, it was a good idea. It's been in use over two thousand years.

A Milestone in Regulatory Signs

The first Roman regulatory signs were comprised of the milestone. Actually, this was more of a directional sign. They were put on roads leading away from Rome to inform travelers how far they were from the world's greatest city. Roman milestones were a little different from our highway signs.

Roman milestones were sometimes six feet long and made of marble or granite. Today highway signs are standardized. They're made of metal, not marble. They still tell us how far we are from our next town, but they don't weigh a ton.

Busy in the Car

Regulatory signs are more important than ever before. There is so much going on with drivers today. As a society, we're talking on our cell phone, eating lunch, rushing to work, rushing home from work, rushing to meet for drinks after work. You get the picture. High-end cars are now being equipped with televisions and DVD players. Drivers are doing much more than just driving, and need clear signs to guide the way.

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