Regulatory Traffic Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Regulatory traffic signs, such as stop signs, speed limit signs, and yield signs are of high import on the road. Lives are highly mobile these days. Many people move into areas that are completely new to them. These newcomers don't know the nuances of the neighborhood. They won't instinctively slow down in high pedestrian areas until they've lived there a while. They must depend on clear road signs.

Regulatory Traffic Signs and You

Cars are being made to perform at higher speeds. More people have cars than ever before. People are speeding more and more often to get to work and meet their deadlines. Life is, essentially, moving at a faster rate every year.

This is just the way society has evolved. In modern times, people have cars and computers, and they need to get to places quickly. Of course, whether or not people "need" to get to places quickly is debatable. It's most evident, however, that drivers desire to move at fast speeds. This is understandable; no one wants to be stuck in traffic.

Pay Attention on the Road

It is for these reasons that regulatory traffic signs are more important than ever before. While drivers should obviously pay one hundred percent attention to the road, many don't. It is very common to eat in the car, talk on the phone, and even watch movies. When drivers are so easily distracted, we depend more heavily on regulatory traffic signs.

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