School Bus Stop Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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School bus stop signs keep our kids safe. When drivers see school bus stop signs, they know to slow down. They become focused and prepared to stop for crossing children and passing school busses. This helps prevent accidents and protects the safety of our children.

Obey School Bus Stop Signs

Public transportation accounts for only two percent of U.S. traffic, yet many children take privately owned busses to school. Drivers must look out for busses as they are moving, and as they are loading and unloading children. Car accidents are often tragic, but a collision with bus load of children can be catastrophic.

Preoccupied Drivers

These days, drivers are preoccupied. All drivers would ideally have their attention devoted to only one thing: driving. Sadly, this is not realistic. DUI is a well-known killer on the road. What is not as well known is that inattention is also a top killer. Accidents can be caused by something as seemingly harmless as talking to a passenger, laughing, or even sneezing.

Life moves quickly. People feel compelled to eat lunch and do business in the car on their cell phones. Sometimes they're just visiting with friends while driving, or changing CDs. I've seen people put on make-up, read the newspaper and do a crossword puzzle, all while driving. Drivers need to pay more attention to the road and to school bus stop signs.

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