School Stop Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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All traffic signs are to be observed, especially school stop signs. They are not posted just for fun; they serve a great societal role. Speed limit signs keep drivers moving too slow or too fast. School stop signs are an important protector of children, and can save lives.

School Stop Signs Must Be Observed

School areas mean children are present and cars should slow down. Cars are expected to slow down whether the driver sees a child or not. School stop signs mean stop, not just slow down or pause. The difference could mean a high fine for a driver, or worse in the case of an accident.

Adults Must Take Responsibility

There's a good reason children can't drive. They haven't developed the motor skills of adults. They lack hand-eye co-ordination. They lack focus. That is why the responsibility of children's safety is put on adult drivers and not children crossing the street.

Children are likely to be caught up in their own world. While they should be and often are taught to observe traffic safety rules, it is not uncommon for them to forget to pay attention. It's not their fault. Drivers must be extra careful in school areas where children are likely to be. Being attentive and fully obeying the traffic signs in a school zone could mean the difference between a slight annoyance in lost time, and a life altering tragedy for a driver, a child, and an entire family.

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