Scrolling Led Signs

Written by Ivan Gale
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Scrolling LED signs are used by a wide variety of businesses to quickly spread news and information. They do this to both employees and customers. For example, a doctor's office is a place with long waiting lines with anxious patients. Scrolling LED signs can dramatically inform and at the same time reassure people that they will soon be called.

Scrolling LED Signs Are Useful in Doctors' Offices

Scrolling LED signs can be connected to a hospital's main appointments system. This means the information can be automatically displayed as it happens, without the need for a nurse or administrator to spend time keying it in. This allows staffers to spend time where it is needed, making the whole administration more productive and efficient.

LED signs come in a variety of sizes and colors. Red, green, and yellow are the most common choices, or a tri-color version of all three. In addition, blue and white is also usually available. Buyers also need to think what size sign they will need, and how much information they will want to display at any given time.

Literally thousands of different models are available for purchase, but most people need only decide whether they want one, two, or multiple-line displays. How wide the signs should be also matters: the common options are 16, 24, 32, or 40 characters per line. Once decided, the rest of the programming options, like scrolling speed and direction, are up to you.

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