Sign Mounting Hardware

Written by Tammy Bush
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Sign mounting hardware is available anywhere signs are sold. Be careful to get the right sign mounting hardware for the signs you intend to use. Wood posts have specific needs, as do U channel and square posts. You can't mix sizes and brackets. Know what you need before you dive into purchasing.

Rome Started It All

When the Romans invented roads two thousand years ago, they were aware of the need for road signs and traffic warnings. It just goes hand-in-hand. If you have roads, you have to know where you are going. Also, it wasn't too long afterward that advertising popped up on road signs. There's a natural synergy among these things.

Street signs are critical to drivers. They are something we see every day and most likely think very little about, but you would sure notice if they were gone. What if you woke up tomorrow and all the signs were gone? You could still find your way to the grocery store and probably to work, but how would you get somewhere new?

Sign Mounting Hardware Is Overlooked

Even with road signs, directions, maps, and global positioning systems people tend to get lost. With all the help in the world, drivers can make mistakes, get distracted, or overlook things. Sign mounting hardware is not thought of often, but we'd definitely notice if it were gone.

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