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Written by Michael O'Brien
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A sign supplier is something the average person on the street doesn't think about very often. Most traffic signs are something we take for granted. For those of us who drive on a daily basis, looking at and obeying traffic signs has become second nature. We never really give proper credit to their importance, much less think about who manufactures and provides these simple yet valuable traffic tools.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few sign supplier businesses operating all over the country. It's become quite a lucrative industry for pretty obvious reasons. Our traffic system, and in fact our very society, could not function without traffic signs and traffic sign supplier companies.

Traffic Signs: An Important History

We've all heard the term "milestone" used to describe some major, noteworthy event. What is not commonly known is that milestones were some of the first traffic signs ever employed. The Romans used them as mile markers to indicate how far it was to a nearby town or city. A sign supplier back in those days had to be some kind of stone mason.

Centuries later, the invention of the automobile necessitated the invention of traffic signs like the kind we are more familiar with today. At first, police officers directed traffic. In addition to hand gestures, officers used a whistle to indicate to drivers when to go and when to stop. One toot meant that North/ South traffic had to stop and East/ West traffic could proceed. Two toots meant that North/ South traffic could go and the East/ West traffic had to stop. Three or more whistle blows meant a fire engine was coming, or some other emergency was imminent.

In 1908, the first semaphore was used to direct traffic. Most of us have seen these devices in old movies and cartoons. A semaphore consisted of a little sign on a post that would pop up with the words "Stop" or "Go" written on a green or red wooden plank. These signs were controlled manually by a police officer watching traffic and pulling a chord to change the signs accordingly.

The Challenges of the Modern Sign Supplier

The modern sign supplier has become a crucial cog in the wheel of transportation progress. The problem faced by most traffic engineers today is balancing the rapidly increasing amount of cars on the road with the construction of new roadways to accommodate them. Because of limitations in budget and space, such custodians of traffic safety must make due by maximizing the effectiveness of current road conditions. Those of us who live in larger cities like Los Angeles or New York are certainly well aware of how ill equipped the streets were originally designed to handle the sheer volume of traffic they are forced to accommodate today.

A traffic sign supplier not only provides a service by offering a means of helping traffic flow, but safety as well. Whether we are talking about stop signs, speed limit warnings, or construction alerts, a good sign supplier must have everything a traffic engineer will need to maximize the effectiveness of the roads we drive on. We may take them for granted or may even be a little annoyed by them, but our society would literally screech to a halt without effective traffic signs.

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