Speed Limit Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Traffic fatalities and injuries are at an historic low, due in part to speed limit signs. Drivers often do not know their own limits. This can apply, certainly, to drivers imbibing or under a drug influence, but it more commonly refers to speed. Many drivers simply drive too fast. Not all drivers have the skills necessary to navigate the road at high speeds.

Speed Limit Signs Vary

On the open highway, speed is not such an issue. That's why some highways allow drivers to cruise at seventy-five or even eighty-five miles per hour. Some states even allow drivers to go as fast as they like in extremely rural areas. In towns, however, speed limit signs save countless lives.

City landscapes vary. Often, city planning allows for residential areas to be right next to businesses. Drivers can get lost amid their thoughts of errands and chores, neglecting to pay attention to road signs. This can, and often does, prove fatal.

Be Careful with Children

Children walking to school may not be thinking about the driver who is suddenly speeding through their school zone. Even if they are, it would be difficult to get out of the way of a speeding, oncoming car. Plus, children shouldn't have to do this anyway. Drivers are responsible for looking out for and yielding to pedestrian traffic as well as obeying speed limit signs.

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