Street Name Signs

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Street name signs are necessary, abundant, and directional. You can't really leave the house without seeing several. They are often overlooked, but are deeply necessary in the fabric of modern society. Without the street name sign, we would not only have trouble finding specific addresses, but the mail system would virtually come to a standstill.

Street Name Signs: The Beginning

People have been commonly driving since the early 1900s. Henry Ford made the Model T accessible to American homes. Every year, there are more and more cars on the road. This makes traffic congested. This is why clear and present regulatory road signs and street name signs are required.

When a street name sign is obscured or unclear, problems occur. People have to know where they are going and be able to navigate their vehicles around roads and communities. Accidents are common when drivers are preoccupied with searching for street signs. You've seen them. They're driving five miles per hour on a main road. They're scanning each sign.

Cut Down on Accidents

You try to go around, but traffic is moving quickly in the next lane. It's easy to rear end these drivers. It's also easy for them to bump into parked cars or curbs while searching for their destination. This sort of trouble is unnecessary. It is easily solved with clearly marked street name signs.

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