Time And Temperature Boards

Written by Ivan Gale
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Electronic signs are what comprise the time and temperature boards so frequently seen on the side of banks and other businesses. The technology behind these signs comes from LED lighting, which stands for light-emitting diodes. The good news is that this type of lighting produces a lot of "bang for the buck," meaning these time and temperature boards can be very affordable.

Time and Temperature Boards Are Visible Day and Night

Time and temperature boards are energy-efficient because LED lights don't burn hot like incandescent lighting does. They convert all their energy into producing light, meaning even small signs can put out a lot of light. They put out so much light, in fact, that these time and temperature boards are visible all day and night.

As these electronic displays are primarily used outdoors, they are constructed to withstand all types of weather conditions. Product testing usually includes seeing whether LED displays can handle both extreme hot and cold temperatures. However, taking regular care of your electronic signs is always recommended, as it can prolong their life.

It has been estimated that these signs last a good ten years. In addition to regular maintenance, certain accessories can be purchased to further ensure your sign's longevity. Hoods that protect against the sun's glare are just one example. There are indeed others: be sure to check the websites of LED manufacturers to find the best product for your particular situation.

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