Traffic Warning Signs

Written by Tammy Bush
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Traffic warning signs keep drivers from ramming right into one another. Regulatory signs are crucial for traffic to move smoothly and without incident. Even with millions of signs in place, there are still too many accidents. Far too many people take driving for granted and don't bother to pay attention to the road or follow the directions of signs.

Traffic and Rage

"Road rage" is a commonly used term, but have you ever really thought about it? It's a terrifying prospect no matter how you look at it. Rage is uncontrollable anger. Rage is expressed and dangerous, especially for someone behind the wheel. The road is no place for rage and irrational behavior.

Traffic Warning Signs are Crucial

As countries become more motorized, societies move faster. People go fast, but it's never fast enough. Drivers push limits more and more. Traffic warning signs take on greater importance, but are more widely disregarded.

Cars have become faster, but humans driving cars have remained the same. That is, as humans, we haven't evolved into beings that function better at higher speeds. We don't see faster, or react more quickly as one needs to do at top speeds. While we have the technology to make fast cars, we don't have the physicality to manipulate a speeding car properly. This is why traffic warning signs exist, and why it is so important to obey them.

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