U Channel Sign Posts

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Small signs, such as property signs, don't need incredibly tough U channel sign posts. They can usually get by with a small wood post. Street and regulatory traffic signs need more support. Traffic signs are of standardized height, shape, and weight. The sign posts are also regulated, but there are a few different kinds.

Steel U Channel Sign Posts

U channel sign posts are made of steel. Signs have to endure quite a bit. They are stuck outside, victim to the elements. It's important that they can withstand anything that comes along. Often, it's a car that comes along. For this reason, you want a sign that can take knocks, but not one that is so tough that it would rip an oncoming car in half.

U Channel sign posts are the most cost-effective. They are strong and easy to hammer into the ground. S and W shaped sign posts, as well as triangular posts are also popular, but can cost more to use. Signs posts are often designed with breakaway features to prevent serious injuries in the case of car accidents.

Accidents Do Happen

Car accidents are bound to happen. There's statistically no getting around it. Car accidents are one of the top killers in the U.S. and around the world. For men, car wrecks are the second most predominant premature killer, second only to HIV/AIDS. Most things on the roadside are intended to give a little so that maximum safety is preserved in the event of a crash.

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