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Unique Silver Jewelry

Written by Joy MacKay
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Like most women, I keep a watchful eye out for unique silver jewelry. One of my colleagues at work always used the most unique silver jewelry to complement her wardrobe. From a specialty silver twisted rope bracelet she wore with a silk blouse and skirt, to a pair of gold and silver designer earrings paired with a wool suit, she was always accessorized to the hilt.

One day, during the holiday season, I mentioned to this woman my personal search for unique silver jewelry. In particular, I was seeking out a silver pendant fashioned into a Star of David as a Channukah present for my sister. To my surprise, this woman wrote down a web site address on a slip of paper for me, telling me that she buys most of her silver jewelry online.

Unique Silver Jewelry at Web Boutiques

At first, the notion of purchasing unique silver jewelry online seemed like an oxymoron. How in the world could such a vast marketplace offer me the most unique silver jewelry on the market? However, once I began to peruse the web boutiques available online, I found that these retailers indeed offered some of the most unique silver jewelry I'd ever encountered.

I realized that these online boutiques could offer such unique designs because of their far-reaching businesses. By tapping into a worldwide network of independent jewelry designers, they could offer me more styles than I'd ever seen before. Best of all, because I was buying outside the usual commercial sources, I was able to find pieces that were rarer--right down to the Star of David pendant I'd been seeking.

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