Baby Silverware

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vintage baby silverware is a wonderful, unique baby gift. These little pieces of useful beauty are a lovely way to feed a child, and later, for a child to feed himself. These small pieces are ideally sized for little hands. And being made of silver, and having survived at least fifty years already, they're also virtually indestructible.

There are multiple examples of fine vintage baby silverware. There are antique sterling silver baby cups. There are straight handle and bent handle baby spoons. Charming miniature silverware sets, including knife and fork, are just the right size for fat little fingers.

There's added value, too, in buying vintage over new. For one thing, the craftsmanship meets higher standards. The amount of metal used is also typically greater. There are usually considerable weight differences between new and antique baby silverware.

Baby Silverware: Heirlooms for the Heir Apparent

Of course, the ultimate advantage of vintage pieces over new is the heirloom factor. Because it is heavier than contemporary, it will ultimately have greater value. Unlike other baby items, which are outgrown or forgotten, baby silverware is treasured for life. However, whether you opt for antique or new baby silverware, either way, you are giving a gift that will ultimately become an artifact of that child's life, and its importance will actually increase over time.

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