British Placemats

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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British placemats, like Pimpernel placemats, are extremely well-made. First of all, many of them are cork back placemats. Cork is a rather pricey, organic material that absorbs heat and protects surfaces beautifully. Good British placemats always place a layer of cork underneath the layer of hardboard that gives the mats their sturdiness.

British Placemats as Gifts

Sturdy Pimpernel placemats make wonderful housewarming gifts. They are perfect for everyday use, and will protect a wooden table from sticky spills and damaging pressure. Placemats will protect wood from nicks, scuffs, stains and so on. If you know someone with a lovely wooden table who has just moved into a new home, they'll love these placemats.

If they already have placemats, feel free to get them a new set. Setting out a new set of placemats can actually be a lot of fun. It's always enjoyable to have choices when it comes to decorating. For instance, it's good to have a few different sets of sheets in different colors or patterns, or a few different sets of towels.

Having different British placemats to set out will keep your friends from growing bored with their dining room. Setting out a new placemat is a much easier and less expensive way to brighten up a room than painting it a new color or changing up the flatware. I know many people with at least three or four sets of placemats each.

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