Cork Back Placemats

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Cork back placemats protect your table from heat, moisture, and other damage. Cork is very durable as well as being heat resistant. This natural material may cost a bit more than man-made materials, but it will protect your table much more thoroughly. It will also last a lot longer than cheap, man-made materials will.

Modern Cork Back Placemats

Pimpernel, a British company, has been making cork back placemats since 1933. Many of their designs are classic, even old-fashioned. However, Pimpernel recently acquired the European design company, Cloverleaf, known for their modern style. The results are unusual, beautiful, and very modern placemats.

If your dining room is clean, minimal and modern, and you abhor the thought of ruining it with placemats, these mats will absolutely change your mind. I particularly love their simple florals, which remind me of the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe as much as the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe. They're simple and striking.

You can pair these placemats with bone china. Pure, white plates and bowls, with clean stainless steel silverware, will make a strong impression. These mats also look particularly good if your dining room is painted a bold color. The Ebony Orchid design, in particular, will complement a boldly painted room nicely.

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