Dominick And Haff

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Dominick and Haff are considered to be among the great American silversmiths of the 19th century. High praise indeed, since many antiquities experts claim American silver of the 19th century was the finest in the world. Dominick and Haff are often overlooked in comparison to silversmith giants Tiffany and Gorham. But Dominick and Haff, as well as many other 19th century silversmiths, deserve their praise as well.

Dominick and Haff: Elaborate Ornamentation

Examples of Dominick and Haff display extraordinary attention to detail and ornamentation. Although they designed multiple patterns, they were experts at intricate repousse. While nearly every American silversmith had a "King" pattern, the Dominick and Haff King pattern was twice as elaborate as any other maker's, featuring complicated scrollwork on the front--and on the back--of every piece.

Dominick and Haff were based out of New York City. They were in business for 60 years, from 1868 to 1928. Known for exceptionally fine hollow-and flatware, they were ultimately absorbed by Reed and Barton.

Examples of Dominick and Haff flatware and hollow-ware can be found in online vintage silver sites. Because the Dominick and Haff hallmark is so recognizable, D&H pieces are easily verifiable. Dominick and Haff flat and hollow-ware is highly collectible.

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