Elegant Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vintage sterling silver pieces are among the most elegant gifts to give. Sterling is always symbolic of quiet good taste. As a result, vintages sterling silver pieces are ideal for workplace gifts.

Lifestyle coaches urge people who wish to be promoted to dress as if they have been. The same principle applies to elegant, impressive gift giving. The right gift--under appropriate circumstances, of course--has the power to actually influence your image.

It goes without saying that office gifts must be within accepted price parameters--if not, the most thoughtful gift can appear tacky. Not to worry, though; you can find appropriate, yet impressive, gifts that are quite affordable. Excellent resources include antique malls, estate sales, and of course, vintage sterling silver websites.

Elegant Gifts: Good Taste is Always in Style

Monogrammed sterling holiday ornaments are always appropriate, as are antique trinket boxes (perfect for paper clips,) or vintage silver candy dishes--filled with a favorite treat, of course. The point is that truly elegant gifts have nothing to do with expense. They are instead a combination of four elements. They are thoughtful, and take into account a person's likes; they are made of quality materials, and will be useful for years to come; they are artful and eternally beautiful to the eye; and finally, they are appropriate to the relationship, and to the occasion. If you follow these guidelines, you can rest assured that your gift will speak not only of your thoughtfulness, but also your quiet good taste, which is always good for one's image.

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