Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Gorham, since its inception in Providence, Rhode Island, has been one of the foremost silverware companies in the world. The legend began in 1826 when the young Providence jeweler, Jabez Gorham, in his little street-front shop, created the first "French filigree" jewelry and invented "the Gorham chain." Despite setting such standards, his small company struggled and ultimately failed.

Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware: Saved by a Spoon

In 1931, admitting defeat as a jeweler, he began making spoons made from melted coins. Applying to spoon-making the same exacting standards he'd set as a jeweler, his spoons quickly became immensely popular, and his company had to expand just to keep up with demand. Within just 15 years, the "failed" jeweler became the master silversmith of one of the most influential and prominent silver companies in the world.

Unlike other silversmiths who often excelled in only one or two styles, from the very beginning Gorham made a reputation for perfection in multiple design styles. Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Colonial styles, Repousse--Gorham consistently set the standard by which all silver was judged. Gorham is considered second only to Charles Lewis Tiffany in terms of his legacy and long-term impact on American design arts.

Gorham sterling silver flatware has been the White House service of choice for Presidents Lincoln, Grant and Bush, Sr. For over 170 years, the Gorham trademark has symbolized artistry, craftsmanship, and enduring quality. Vintage Gorham sterling silver flatware pieces are highly desirable and a worthy addition to any silver collection.

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