Home Blessings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Every culture has a way of bringing blessings and luck to the home. These amulets and artifacts are meant to keep good energy in, and scare bad energy away. Irish families might hang a horse shoe over a doorway. Tibetans might hang colorful demon faces on their doors, to scare away malicious forces. Jewish families are more apt to hang hamsas inside the house.

Hamsas and Home Blessings

The hamsa first came out of the Middle East, though you can now find it in Jewish homes everywhere. Although there are many unique takes on the hamsa, the basic design is the same. The hamsa is shaped like a hand, representing the protection of God. Hamsas often have eyes drawn or painted into them, to ward off "the evil eye."

You can find beautiful hamsas online, in a variety of styles. This makes a fabulous housewarming or wedding gift. A couple or family will very often place the first hamsa they own by the home's front door. If they choose to, they can set more hamsas throughout the house, in doorways, windows, and so on.

It's interesting that so many types of home blessings, throughout so many different cultures, emphasize the importance of points of entry and exit. Whether these points are windows, front doors or doorways doesn't seem to matter. Feng shui, for instance, places a strong emphasis on the energy that either flows or is blocked when entering a room.

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