Monogrammed Baby Silver

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Vintage monogrammed baby silver makes either a wonderful gift or a charming collectible. Unlike some other antiques, sterling silver baby utensils were designed to be used, not just admired. This makes them both beautiful, and practical, purchases.

Vintage Monogrammed Baby Silver: Minor Masterpieces

Monogramming today is a fairly routine procedure. Monogramming one hundred years ago was not. At that time, monograms and engravings were considered art forms. In terms of craftsmanship, elegance, detail, balance, and symmetry, contemporary monogrammed baby silver simply cannot compare.

A thorough search in brick-and-mortar antique stores and vintage silver websites should turn up baby silver monogrammed with any initials you desire. Parents of children with traditional names are in luck: many monogrammed sterling silver baby utensils are engraved with full names, like "Elizabeth," "Lillian," "Isabelle," "William," and more.

Many pieces of monogrammed baby silver contain unique historical records as well. For those purchasing for collection, there are many interesting, unique engravings. Some monogrammed baby silver includes not only a child's name, but also a birth date, birth time, weight, etc. Collections of this type are like historical footnotes, with engravings which read "Bertha, 1876" and makers' marks from Boston or New York. Whatever the reason for purchase, vintage monogrammed baby silver is always beautiful, always valuable, and always interesting.

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