Monogrammed Silverware

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Monogrammed silverware symbolizes an age gone by, where brides still received bed linens with initials hand-embroidered. Where gentlemen had their favorite sonnets bound in small leather books, their initials stamped in gold on the front cover. Where ice made the scotch sparkle in engraved highball glasses.

Monogrammed Silverware: Types of Collectors

Monogrammed silverware is appealing to different people for different reasons. Some collectors like to find monogrammed silverware with initials matching their own. These people enjoy a constantly growing collection of interesting, personalized, serving pieces. The consistency of the monogram creates both continuity within the collection, and also represents the family name.

Other people like to collect the same kind of object, each with a different monogram. For instance, some people collect sterling silver baby spoons, each handle bearing a different child's name. Collections like these can be either displayed in collection, or used perhaps as a whimsical touch on a festive table--as perhaps sorbet or demitasse spoons.

Some people collect monogrammed silverware within a specific pattern. For those who adore a particular Reed and Barton pattern, for instance, searching within that pattern for specific monograms can result in a collection that over time becomes a family heirloom. And then, of course, there is the purist: the person who collects a wide variety of silverware pieces based simply on the beauty and artistry of the monogram itself.

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