Passover Plates

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Jewish people celebrate Passover, or Pesach, with a seder. Depending on which sect of Judaism one follows, this seder will take place either on the first night of Pesach, or during the first two nights. Many interesting foods are eaten as part of this Passover seder. The foods help us remember the story of the Jews flight from Egypt, and their triumphant escape from slavery.

The Food Rituals of Passover

During Passover, Jews refrain from eating leavened bread. Instead, they eat matzah, a delicious, crispy unleavened bread. The matzah reminds us that the Jews fled Egypt in such haste, they didn't even have time to let their bread rise first. Many Jewish families use gorgeous matzah plates as part of their Pesach seder. These plates can be very playful and fun, despite the importance of their function.

Other lovely Passover plates are specially designed for the five foods used in the Pesach seder. These include horseradish (maror), a mixture of nuts, spices and apples (charoses), an egg (beitzah), a vegetable such as celery (karpas) and roasted lamb (zeroah). The Seder plate is often displayed as the centerpiece of the table.

Hosting the Passover seder for your extended family is an honor and a responsibility. Make sure you make it as welcoming and pretty as you can. When approached with care and warmth, hosting this seder can be a real joy, for you and for your guests.

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