Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pimpernel placemats are built to last. Pimpernel began creating placemats in England in 1933. Now, more than 70 years later, they're still regarded as exceptional, durable placemats. They are quadruple-layered for strength, and extremely heat resistant.

Layered Pimpernel Mats

Each Pimpernel mat is made in four layers. First, a base of cork is set down. This cork is the only substance that will actually touch your table, ensuring its protection. Next, a hardboard is set on top of the cork. The hardboard gives Pimpernel mats their legendary strength.

After the board, the artwork or print is laid on top of the mat. A final, fourth layer of protective lacquer is then added. The edges are completely sealed off. These placemats are very easy to care for and clean, because they're so well-constructed.

Although they are quite resistant to heat, you shouldn't use your Pimpernel mat as a trivet. Placemats are designed for warm, even very hot, plates. They are not designed to hold food dishes which have just been pulled out of the oven. These mats can handle a remarkable 230°F of heat, but items taken right out of the oven are likely to be hotter than this. You risk damaging the mat's lacquer finish and its print if you set items over 230°F on it.

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