Pimpernel Coasters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Like their famous placemats, Pimpernel coasters are backed with cork. Cork is the perfect material for protecting your precious wood furniture from scuffs, rings and nicks. If you care about your furniture, you'll want to set a number of these coasters around while entertaining.

In fact, many people choose to use coasters every day. After all, guests aren't the only ones who can spill sticky drinks all over the wooden coffee table or the end tables. Setting a drink on a coaster is just as easy as setting it on a bare surface. Your children may balk at first, if they're not yet in the habit of putting their drinks on coasters. However, just as they've learned to set their napkins in their laps before eating or to wipe their feet before entering a room, they can learn the good manners of using a coaster. Others will be impressed when they notice how well brought up your children are.

Pimpernel Coasters as Housewarming Presents

Coasters make the perfect little housewarming present. This is both a thoughtful and an original gift. It seems like the whole world wants to buy you a houseplant or a scented candle when you move into a new house. A set of terrific Pimpernel coasters will be a welcome addition in a sea of scented candles.

The easiest way to order these coasters is online. While you're looking at Pimpernel coasters, be sure to check out their wonderful placemats and other household goods. This British company has been making reliable and attractive housewares for over 70 years.

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