Pimpernel Placemats

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you care about your table, protect it with placemats. Placemats are a terrific compromise for people who love their wooden tables. You don't want to hide all that beautiful wood beneath a table cloth, but you also don't want to ruin the wood with hot, wet or sticky food.

Pimpernel is an excellent company that produces great placemats. Pimpernel placemats come from England, and are perhaps the top name in placemats in the world. These hardback mats are quadruple-layered to last for ages. The four layers consist of cork, hardboard, the print, and lacquer. The entire thing is completely sealed off, ensuring that no water will leak into the corners of the mat, ruining the print.

Beautiful Pimpernel Placemats

These hardback placemats come in a very large number of designs. There is something for every taste, including subtle Asian-inspired designs, colorful, modern designs, and very traditional designs. Whatever your decor or color scheme, you can complement it with one of these mats.

Most people choose to keep their Pimpernel placemats out on the table between meals. However, if you're really in love with the look of bare wood on your dining room table, you can clear the mats after each meal. The mats can be wiped down and stored in a drawer between meals, and set out with the napkins and silverware.

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