Rosh Hashana Art

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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This Rosh Hashana, fill your home with beautiful art works and decorative items that reflect the promise of the new year. In addition to filling your own home with Rosh Hashana art, serveware and silver, you may want to give Rosh Hashana art as a gift to loved ones. Many of these art pieces are celebrations of the pomegranate, or rimon.

Rimon Art

The pomegranate (rimon) is a very important symbol in Jewish culture. It represents all sorts of good things, from fertility to wisdom to joy. You can find all sorts of wonderful silver or pewter items that represent this auspicious fruit. For instance, the pomegranate can be used as the base for Shabbat candle stick holders, Rosh Hashana honey servers, or even simple paper weights.

Honey, apples and challah are often eaten around the time of Rosh Hashana, to bring luck and "sweetness" to the coming year. As such, you may find that many pieces of Rosh Hashana art center around honey and challah. These may include decorative platters and plates for serving the bread, or gorgeous pots for dishing up the honey.

Finally, doves are often represented in Israeli or jewish art, as symbols of peace and love. You may want to give friends or family members items which reflect this wish for peace. You can find all sorts of wonderful Rosh Hashana items online, where shopping is easier, less expensive and more convenient than in traditional stores.

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