Silver Baby Gifts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The birth of a child is such an exciting event. Although the first year can be a challenge for the parents, who get so little sleep, most parents claim that the first year goes by too quickly. Imagine, within a single year, a child can go from the moment of birth, all the way to her first steps and her first words. It's amazing how quickly children grow.

If you want to capture the excitement and delight of your baby's first year, silver baby gifts are a wonderful way to do it. Whether they are given as gifts or purchased by the parents, silver baby items serve as truly lasting commemorations of all of baby's first important moments.

Capturing Moments with Silver Baby Gifts

For instance, one of the most unique baby gifts I have ever seen was a silver set designed to hold the child's first tooth, and the child's first lock of hair. The lock of hair can be provided rather quickly, of course, but the tooth will be some years in the making. It's an interesting gift that captures many of the child's important "firsts".

Engraved silver frames that record a child's birth date, name, weight and height are also unique, lasting items. You can place the child's first photo in the frame, with all the important statistics engraved right into the silver, pewter or silver plate. Other wonderful silver baby gifts include the porringer, which can be used to serve small portions of porridge or broth, but is most often used strictly as a commemorative.

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