Silver Serving Pieces

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Silver serving pieces transform the look of any table. Their soft lustre can suggest either a casual luxury, or refined elegance. Silver sterling pieces are the hallmark of a well-dressed table.

Many contemporary style experts urge owners of silver serving pieces to use them everyday. This lends an air of civility and grace to even casual meals. Sterling silver pieces are particularly charming when dining alfresco; nothing implies sophisticated simplicity like a sterling silver cheese server cutting into brie by the sea.

Silver Serving Pieces: Butter Knives and Bon-Bon Servers

There is a whole world of silver serving pieces beyond just knives, forks and spoons. There are delicate little sugar tongs and olive forks; asparagus servers and demitasse spoons; napkin rings and butter pats. Elegant diners of eras past felt every specific food should have its own specific tool. These items which were once taken for granted, and are considered so exotic today, are some of the most delightful silver serving pieces to own. They are beautiful, useful, and highly unusual.

For those of us who didn't inherit our very own 120 piece set of Reed & Barton, vintage silver is a charming alternative. Vintage silver has a highly desirable, soft, glowing patina, as opposed to new silver's harsh brilliance. And vintage silver carries with it a history: it was once someone else's heirloom. Now it's yours.

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