Silver Trinket Boxes

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Keeping a beautiful home doesn't have to be terribly difficult. Even those who have no flair for decorating can live in a beautiful house or apartment if they follow a few simple rules. First, keep it clean. Even a state-of-the-art kitchen will look like junk if the sink is overflowing with dishes. Keep it clean.

The second rule for living in a beautiful home is really just an extension of the first: if it isn't beautiful to look at, then you shouldn't be able to see it. If an item is necessary, but unattractive, it should be stored out of sight. Another way of phrasing this is simply the less clutter, the better.

Beautifying Clutter with Boxes and Baskets

You can keep everything you need on hand and still live in a pretty home if you know how to store things. Knowing how to store your necessities in drawers, baskets and boxes is the most important step in getting rid of clutter. Take silver trinket boxes, for example.

Silver trinket boxes are absolutely gorgeous. In fact, many brides give them as bridesmaids gifts because they're exquisite and lasting. They can also be engraved, which is a popular choice for weddings. Any item that you might want to store on a bathroom counter top will look better in these boxes. Would you rather look at a box of cotton swabs, a pile of loose jewelry and a plastic bag full of cotton balls, or would you rather look at three beautiful silver trinket boxes? The choice seems obvious.

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