Silver Websites

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Silver websites can be wonderful resources for appreciators of vintage sterling silver. They allow all the slow perusing one enjoys in a by-the-road antique mall, without any of the roadside dust. And the only pushy salesperson is the one inside your head.

It's true that many people prefer being able to actually discuss a piece with a salesperson. However, clearly written descriptions can make interpreting hallmarks easy. If you do need to speak to a representative, all fine silver websites have communication features, like phone or email.

Good silver websites have excellent image libraries. This, of course, makes pattern identification easy. Being able to see the piece in a well-lit photograph also clearly shows level of patina, the fineness of the monogram or engraving, as well as any unsightly scars on specific pieces.

How to Choose a Fine Vintage Silver Website

Whenever, and wherever one is shopping online, there are some common-sense practices that are recommended by most consumer agencies. Buyers should deal exclusively with companies which have clearly listed "contact us" information. Look for phone numbers, email, and hard street addresses. Limit your shopping to silver sites that prominently display a customer satisfaction guarantee. Most consumer agencies also recommend that online shoppers-n-o matter where they do their business--always use credit, rather than debit, cards. This gives consumers more power in the event that a product isn't what they expected. And, of course, it's always nice to find online silver stores that offer free shipping, or provide complimentary gift wrapping.

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