Silver Wedding Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Silver wedding gifts have been traditionally given for thousands of years. Whether sterling or plated, table silver is one of the most valued gifts any new couple can receive. Whether you're considering giving flatware or hollow ware, your silver wedding gift is destined to become a family treasure.

Lasting beauty and a lifetime of wear is assured when wedding gifts are made of sterling silver. Triple plated, also known as heavy-weight, silver has similar benefits. Medium-weight double plated silver has good wearing qualities as well.

Silver Wedding Gifts: Hollow Ware

If you would like to give a silver gift that's desired, but not directly off the flatware registry, you have dozens of hollow-ware options. One benefit of giving hollow-ware is that even in terms of the most formal table-setting etiquette, it is not required that hollow-ware match the table flatware. Flatware, of course, are utensils for serving and eating food. Hollow-ware, on the other hand, are silver pieces that are designed for decoration, and containment. Some excellent examples of great silver hollow-ware gifts for table top use include silver candlesticks, cake and pastry trays, gravy boats, relish dishes, sugar bowls, cheese and cracker dishes, etcetera. Other silver hollow-ware gifts are good for multiple rooms, like card trays, match box holders, flower baskets, and beverage sets.

In addition to the obvious shopping destinations like department stores, one might try vintage sterling silver stores as well. Vintage sterling silver stores often carry unusual, interesting examples of both flatware and hollow-ware, ensuring that your gift will stand out among others for both its originality-and its quality. Many examples of vintage silver have a much heavier weight than contemporary equivalents, making it a better value for you, and a more valuable treasure to them.

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