Silverware Gifts

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Silver objects have had their place in rites and rituals for thousands of years. To this day, all over the world, people offer gifts of silver to express love and congratulations. From weddings and births, to graduations, anniversaries and retirements, rites of passage continue to be traditionally acknowledged by gifts of silver.

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion. Silverware gifts specific to this special event include baby cups, baby spoons, baby forks, and delicate little sterling silver rattles. These items have an evolving purpose: at first, they are useful; in time, they become poignant reminders of how small we once were.

Marriage and setting up housekeeping is another enormous milestone. Sterling silver flatware and holloware has long been a traditional gift. After all, sterling is durable, and built to last; and with regular loving care and attention, sterling becomes mellowed, golden, and even more beautiful than when new. What could be a more appropriate symbol for marriage?

Silverware Gifts: Everything Old is New Again

Traditionally, many of these gifts were of new pieces. But more and more people are discovering the charm, beauty and strength of vintage sterling silver. Many of these vintage pieces bear artful monograms which can be matched to the receiver of the gift. Antique pieces have the glowing finish that's often prized over new silver's hard brilliance. Plus, many examples of vintage silver are much heavier, and of much better quality than what can be affordably purchased today.

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