Star Of David Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Star of David jewelry has been popular with Jewish men and women for centuries. What an elegant and striking way to keep your faith close to your heart, while sharing it with the world. Although many people buy Judaic jewelry as gifts for others, such as Bar Mitzvah boys or Bat Mitzvah girls, I think it's wonderful to buy Jewish jewelry for oneself.

Buying Star of David Jewelry for Oneself

For some people, religion is the cornerstone of their lives. It never wavers. It begins as the most important part of life, and it ends as the most important part of life. However, this is quite rare. For most of us, religion is something that is always with us, but which varies in its importance in our lives.

Many Jewish men and women don't give a whole lot of thought to their faith during their college years. As they grow older, however, they may begin to question their priorities. What really matters in life? What lasts? Once these folks begin to have children, religion, Jewish culture and Jewish tradition will very likely take on a role of increased importance. I've seen it happen with friends of every religion, again and again--once they enter their late 20s or early 30s, they return to religion, to prayer, and to tradition.

If you find that this describes you accurately, I highly recommend buying a piece of Judaic jewelry. Whether this is a hamsa pendant or a Star of David necklace doesn't really matter. The point is, acknowledging Judaism's renewed importance in your life feels good, and solidifies your commitment.

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